My name is Nagmani Sharma, live with my supportive wife Seema and son Manav. I hope to be elected as your voice on Ottawa City Council on October 24, 2022.

Born and raised in India, I spent the first half of my life as a farmer. Wishing for a different life for my family, I immigrated to Canada in 2007 and started a journey that has taken me through all types of employment and introduced me to people in many walks of life.

While paying the bills delivering pizza, working on construction, in factories, stores, and gas stations, I continued my education in the health sector and served for several years at the Children’s Hospital Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Interest in the technology sector then lead me to further education and my next career as a software professional in one of Canada’s most respected technology companies

In my journey through life, I am fortunate to have gone from surviving to thriving. I am grateful for the opportunities and people that have helped me in this transition, and I have always wished to help others in their journey.

Since childhood, I worked with one of India’s renowned charitable organizations, that helps to educate and improve the lives of people living in poverty. Since coming Canada, I have maintained this interest and worked with several non-profit organizations and charities such as the Senior’s Centre, Food Bank, and Helping Newcomers.

Recently, I have been concerned about the City of Ottawa’s deficit and the lack of accountability concerning public expenditures. I am fiscally conservative, and I feel the pain of farmers, tradespeople and small business owners who work hard, especially in the difficult conditions of these last few years, to get by and thrive. This is what has prompted me to run for office and do my best for the people of Ottawa, particularly those in more rural areas whose concerns do not seem to get much attention.

I hope, with your support, to be an effective voice on City Council.

My recent achievement!

Aug 26, 2022:

I am humbled and grateful for winning the first prize in the “2022 VIP Plowing Match” organised by the Ottawa Carleton Plowmen’s Association and the Ottawa Carleton Farmer’s Association. This match is sponsored by Ottawa Beef Farmers, Ottawa Valley Pork Producers, and a variety of other organisations. I am still a farmer, and my heart goes out to all of the farmers, colleagues, and people who live in rural areas and continue to do the most difficult job in the world – farming. I am always with you and promise to always be with you. Thank you so much to the host family, volunteers, and sponsors. Please keep an eye on for updates.