Meet Nagmani Sharma, a highly dedicated and accomplished individual with a passion for community service. Born in India, has an impressive academic background, with several degrees in multiple fields of education from world-famous institutions in India.

in India, Nagmani worked as a farmer, educationist, and research executive with reputed world-class organizations. After immigrating to Canada in 2007 with his family, , he pursued professional education and training in the sector of Health and Information Technology. Nagmani worked at the UOM and Health Science Centre before moving to Kanata, where he is currently a Sr. Software Engineer in the R&D wing of a world-renowned organization.

What truly sets Nagmani apart is his commitment to serving the community. He has been an active volunteer since childhood and currently holds several leadership positions, including president of KCICA, VP – OFIC, Secretary – VSDMA, and active member of regional food banks, newcomer immigrants, students, and seniors, and organizer of multicultural events in the community. In the past, Nagmani has contributed his time and resources to several charitable organizations, including the Red Cross, United Way, and CM Foundation.