Nagmani Sharma

As a community leader, I have been actively involved in various social works, and committed to bring positive changes in our community. I have witnessed firsthand the challenges that our community faces from affordable housing to access to healthcare, we need a strong and effective voice to address these issues and create a better future for our children.
Committed to transparency, accountability, and collaboration. I believe that we can achieve great things when we work together, and I am eager to hear your thoughts and ideas. I look forward to meeting you in our next coming event(s) and working together to build a brighter future for our community.

     Mr. Sharma in News:

Farming is in my blood

I am humbled and grateful for winning first prize at the 2022 VIP Plowing Match, sponsored by the Ottawa Beef Farmers and Ottawa Valley Pork Producers. My heart goes out to all farmers and rural communities, and I promise to continue supporting them. Thank you to the Ottawa Carleton Plowmen’s and Farmer’s Associations, host family, volunteers, and sponsors. Stay tuned for more updates on

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